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"Xia Gan! I declare! You are now officially a member of the League of Goddesses! And you are still a senior member!" .

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Dong Tiannan's voice resounded throughout the entire pill palace complex, and everyone inside could hear it clearly. ...

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Next, when he encounters a strong enemy, he will no longer be able to activate the battle puppet, because he doesn't have so many Qi Gathering Pills!

Xia Gan's pupils shrank instantly, knowing that something was wrong!

A thousand of them were scared back by Xia Gan!

Tian Jianqing's eyes were sharp and he was full of fighting spirit!

The crowd automatically gave way to let him pass!

And Xu Zhan is nothing, the main reason is that Xiao He's threat is undoubtedly greater! Especially his backstage is still a heavenly elder, Xiao Hanwen of Golden Core Realm!

Xia Gan continued to move, entering the leftmost passage.

The most important thing is that he has just seen that the war puppet he got just now, although it is a first-rank war puppet and the lowest level, its power is at least equivalent to the fifth level of Tiangang Realm. The level can be improved by relying on heaven, material and earth treasures, and various magic circles! He can also upgrade the level of this war puppet in the future, and his strength will be greatly strengthened! .

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The big man at the head sneered, took the iron rod from the hands of the people around him, and slammed it fiercely at the iron gate. .

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