nbc news jailed for student loan
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【what happens when you are unable to pay your student loan 】 As a Legendary Gu, Hidden Gu has two attributes, one is to strengthen the five internal organs as a whole, and the other is to strengthen the heart alone. 。

Continuing to read, Su Ran's heart was beating violently.

The old man paused, and said: "It's fine if you don't want to borrow it. I just got the news from my family that a large guard entered the city, saying that he was ordered by Long Hengwu to go into the city to look for clues to the fourth leader of the Yuan Bandit."

When Su Ran was brewing the spiritual medicine, the original cultivation time of the batch of moon secret stones in Yuanzhai was officially reached.

Su Ran heard the voice and recognized the person, it was Yuan Batian's voice, and Yuan Batian was here.

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Of course, if the third-rank Gu master turns all the Gu worms under his control into defensive Gu worms, he can still prevent Su Ran's berserk triple seal punch, but it's just a slow death. , it will be abolished, unless these defensive Gu worms can establish internal connections, become a defensive whole, and be able to disperse attacks.
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"Counting him, Qiao Yan, five second-rank rare Gu worms that have not been cultivated to the extreme, one for defense and one speed, and three second-rank rare Gu worms for blessing palm strength, the palm strength is estimated to be around forty tigers."
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Illusory Immortal Gu is just a rank one Gu!
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"It can be changed, what Gu do you want?"
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Su Ran has already guessed Yuan Batian's intention, it is nothing more than loud voice to cover the woman's voice, so that Gui Yuanxin and Long Hengwu will gradually wake up, this means that Yuan Batian is far away, if Yuan Batian is close, probably I can't stand a woman's voice.
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Even, Su Ran tried to use his consciousness to wrap the copper yellow extreme heat and the heavy air flame at the same time, trying to blend the two, but it didn't work.
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Between the two is a competitor.
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"This is easy."
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