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【student loan forgiveness plans exclude physicians 】 "Kormar, I'll give you a chance to make up for your mistakes." 。

Meng Zhenghao was surprised: "It's over so soon?"

"It's coming, it's coming." Lei Zhe couldn't help becoming nervous. He lives in a world dominated by technology, and this magical thing can always make his heart beat faster.

"Back!" Ye Zuoyou shouted.

A group of people were dumbfounded. It took only a cup of tea from a slave to a baron. The change in life was so great that Robbier felt his eyes were a little blurry. If it wasn't for Lei Zhe, he would have started to slap himself.

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It is obviously impossible for Ye Zuoyou to kill him with one blow.
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At the same time, good news came from the live broadcast room next door:
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Sheng Hao couldn't hold back suddenly: "Brother Tao, don't you want to ask any more questions?"
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The audience is also discussing seriously at the moment:
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[I said why did it look so familiar just now, it turned out to be the Great Wall, tears welled up in an instant...]
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[How can you jump directly down? ! 】
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No one else has an opinion.
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