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【best private student loan refinance companies 】 But the cap is too dead. 。

The most important thing is that if he gets the first place, he can help Su Ran get rid of the trouble of changing gu due to authority.

"Fourth rank to fifth rank, if you want to condense the blood pattern of mythical Gu as the carrier, it probably won't work. You are eager to become a shadow guard, and you can't wait. I suggest that after you become a fifth rank Gu master, you should suppress your realm and strive to be in the world." At rank five, collect more Legendary Gu.

The trump card hidden by the Gu guards of the Wang family?

Forty-two rank five Gu, seventy-five rank four Gu!

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Xi Lao waved his hand, and the wall behind him moved away, revealing a downward passage.
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Standing in front of the transfer palace, Kong Lao has slowly finished speaking.
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It's not a secret that Su Ran took another opportunity at the place where he was inherited. It's not a secret that Su Ran has told Wang Xishan and Huang Yao himself, but it's unheard of for him to hide three ninth-grade Mythical Gu.
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'That's right, Xiling Pavilion needs a lot of secret stones to cultivate young Gu worms, and ordinary secret stones are the most suitable, but what about mythical Gu? '
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He is a real fifth-rank Gu master, and Su Ran is a fourth-rank.
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Arms: Six origin blood toughness (5).
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Seeing the fat man, Wang Ge's face was full of sullenness; "It's you! Su Ran and Ouyang Qi really played well together!"
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They first reached the ninth rank, and then returned to pursue actual combat power, but because of the innate gap, taking the normal path was no longer comparable to the normal Gu cultivation of the big forces, so they found another way, abandoning other combat Gu, specializing in poison techniques, using poison As a method of self-defense.
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