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It seems that this kind of method makes the main devil very uncomfortable. ...

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The woman was silent for a while, and recalled for a long time before chuckling lightly: "Su Ran is not my pawn, but he cultivates the Yang Jing and threatens you, which has nothing to do with me. Traitor, how can I help you deal with him."

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Unexpectedly, at such an embarrassing moment by the coach, the "National Youth Star" who was unhappy with him actually opened his mouth.

With only one Heavenly Secret Calculator Gu left in the main demon and the ancient capital, he pointed out that he was hiding in Bulao Mountain.

The third thing, don't try to dominate the Luyang Continent. "

Now he has completed the nine revolutions, and the nine crescent marks are all new moons.

It's useless to keep masters in Yuannei, this is the territory of Bulaoshan.

Devil, fall.

Lu Xi couldn't bear Cui Xiao's reaction and his own ugly movements, so he couldn't help laughing "puchi", and his gaze fell to Deng Chang on the left inadvertently, only to find that the other party's gaze also happened to come from The mirror fell on him.

"What a strong vitality!"

Seeing that Lu Xi was stunned for a moment, and his face quickly collapsed, Huang Bin showed a tricky smile, "Oh, I forgot, you are an athlete, you can't eat."

Moreover, the demon envoys of the Demon Heart Sect usually develop independently, and it is impossible for the main demon to have an admiration relationship with the disease. .

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This data is meaningless, it just represents a limit. Su Ran's current battle does not depend on the specific strength of the domain. .

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