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【instant small loans bad credit 】 I feel that this domain skill seems to be different from the domain skills of the Immortal Gu I have seen. 。

"Come to fight!"

Wang Gouyan also sighed: "The Changkong family and the Lin family are trying to recruit ninth-rank Gu masters, but the Fubo mansion didn't join them, so I don't know what to do. This Fubo mansion can do things normally, why not let them go?"

Su Ran didn't use the water source.

There is a water curtain in the space, the water curtain is huge, and the curtain surface is divided into small spaces, and a picture emerges in each small space, and what the picture shows is a field of ground slurry.

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"Well, not dead?"
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"My son is overthinking, but I have a feeling in my heart. I feel that there is a great opportunity for me, so I will try it out."
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