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Ge Mu was dumbfounded... In the end, he got a wheelchair, and Sang Mu pushed him to pay the money and prepare for the examination. ... dr mortgage

test. victory mortgage login But what really surprised everyone was that there was a black crystal jade on the surface of Heiyu's body, but the jade had been broken, revealing the white skin like white jade inside, crystal clear, like a work of art . ….

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When Li Ge heard this, he immediately looked unhappy, and cursed: "Damn, bad luck! When the demon disaster first started, the Guardian organization paid compensation... Now that the demons are flooding, the Guardian organization is not Compensation for these losses. In their words, they are saving us, and there is no way to cause a series of necessary losses." .

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When everyone heard this, they all looked sideways at Li Kuang. ...

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"Hehe...forget it?"

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Jiang Li suggested that Heilian use other things to make alchemy, and then sense the laws of heaven and earth.

Many demons below looked up subconsciously, but after waiting for a while, there was no change in the sky.

This group of Westerners immediately understood the meaning of Jiang Li and Qian Mo's words, they were driving people away!

Now, when Jiang Li pulled out the corpse of the demigod level demon, he was finally released.


The stick insect, which had been sun-baked and almost dried up, said weakly, "Dandelion, is it alright?"

Speaking of this, Lao Hua took a puff of cigarette and fell silent.

There is a huge bronze book in the Library Pavilion, engraved with very rare bronze inscriptions.

Up to now, he is no longer short of money. After being confused for a while, he found his second joy in life, which is to be a big devil and make waves... Anyway, you can't beat me!

However, based on the principle of not wasting, Jiang Li still put these troublesome guys into the freezer, and at the same time, he muttered to himself: "Jing Ying, when are you coming?" .

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Where there is investment, there is reaping, and the same Jiang Li reaps tremendously. His speed of progress is becoming more and more perverted... His mental power is heading west all the way, approaching the Holy Land of Niaozhou Dating, Fan Shenggang! .

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