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【bad credit online loan 】 It's really too cheap. If it's so cheap, other marquis should also buy it in large quantities. 。

"I will win you sooner or later!" Qu Jinghong said in a deep voice.

Fu Mo Shangxian's sharp eyes shot directly at Su Ran, as if piercing Su Ran completely.

Everyone sighed for a while, and suddenly someone woke up and said in surprise: "That's not right, Qianmo's thunder-type domain power can make Bizhulei Gu afraid, doesn't it mean that Qianmo's thunder-type domain power can suppress Bizhulei Gu's domain power?" force?"

The last person has only one name, named Gu.

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"King Yuyi just died, unless the five kings take the lead, they can't afford it, just release the news."
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"Me?" Da Shizi couldn't keep up with his train of thought.
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The next Marquis of Qianshan will basically be one of the three.
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It's useless to say.
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Just as the eldest son was crying and mourning, a man in black came out from the ground.
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It seems that with the increase of the moon body, the increase rate is decreasing, but it is not the case. Su Ran's cultivation base is increasing, and the total amount of domain power is also increasing. The real increase rate has not decreased.
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Su Ling was in an uproar.
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When Ouyang Qi saw the person coming, he didn't think much about it. This person was the commander of Yangyue's army on the right hand, and he was a Shuyang. He thought that the other party was Yuenuer's slave of Shuyang.
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