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Then I saw a chubby figure, landed on its belly, and slid down the stairs with a kick of its hind legs. Wherever the belly went, an ice slide was formed, and it slid all the way downstairs, shouting: "Where is it?" .

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It didn't intend to stop immediately with a single punch. Instead, it chased after Jiang Li, punching Jiang Li's body, his face... and pushed Jiang Li from one side of the battleship to the other in one breath!

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Jiang Li didn't believe what he said, he always felt that Sister Hong was hiding a lot of things.

A man sat on the camel, wearing a white silk robe and a silver scimitar on his waist. It was the Son of Persia.

Nero was in the pyramid, and the pyramid blocked all external signals. The scorpion warrior at the door was also startled when he received the news, and was about to run into the pyramid to report the news.

Elvie said: "Then what do you usually do?"

Jiang Li said: "Pork stewed vermicelli with sauerkraut, chicken stewed with mushrooms, and one more..."

Jiang Li ran as fast as he could... While running, he shouted aggrievedly: "What are you doing? Are you crazy? Why are you kicking me?"

The four of them really had never eaten horse meat, so they nodded and asked for a portion.

There are a total of ten photos, corresponding to different actions and different scenes, some in the bathroom, some in the wild stream, some on the bed, on the sofa...all kinds of angles are complete.

At this time, Jiang Li's fans group appeared.

Han Songling said: "The silk book I got is only half a volume, and there are not many things recorded on it, but there are also brief introductions. It is roughly the four realms of concentrating essence, absorbing energy, returning to the spirit, and forming alchemy. .

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Before the stick fell, the ground behind Jiang Li was already cracked, leaving a deep imprint of a stick. .

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