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On the other side of the fire, some people have already asked Wenming about the forging method of the iron pot. Now they don't even have a few copper pots, but Wen Ming fooled them into believing in the iron pot god religion. .

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Please read all the above conversations in reverse.

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A similar faint glow appeared on some instruments, and the sun totem seemed to be very interested in them.

And the amazing thing is still to come. In front of everyone, Yan Zai said that the mining industry will be separated from the quarrying industry, and there will be new mountain technology in the future...

Yan Zai walked to one of the piles of tile vats on the side, where there were still people working, and the so-called lime slurry was inside.

As long as the tribal people are united, you can get any bird materials.

So as long as you are happy, even if you say that you are not called a great witch, but you like to call yourself a lamb, it is no problem.

The Jiulong clan is the leader of the resistance alliance. When they quickly learned that the Shu tribe was about to move out, they were refreshed.

Now Yan Zai can roughly understand how my elementary school teacher hit her with chalk.

Yan Zai pointed to the location of Sanmenxia: "This place, you should write it down later, and go to the scene to have a look. It will definitely help you control the water."

Yan Zai: "Okay, let's move on to the next knowledge point!"

Great Wizard Xunshan said hehe. .

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The patriarch asked: "Do you want to send someone there? It is said that the painter of this drawing board has never been to Shu, and he drew it entirely based on the description of the mountains and rivers by the Shu people." .

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