value of interest free loan between family members
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【interest free loan process 】 I don't know how long it has passed, but with Chu Shaoyan's mighty inner breath, he gradually felt a little exhausted. Suddenly, the world gradually returned to calm, and then the water level rose rapidly, submerging him soon. 。

Ten minutes later, the blond man smiled happily and handed over the keys to the off-road vehicle to Chu Shaoyan, then jumped and ran towards the distance with a smile. A vehicle worth only 50,000 yuan was sold for a high price of 500,000 yuan. This guy somehow made a lot of money!

"Police girl, have a boo with my brother, take a sip!"

"Shaoyan, how did I realize that you are always mysterious lately?" On the way home that night, Shangguan Zetian ignored the man's strong protesting eyes, messed up his hair with his hand, and then smiled tenderly ask.

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Constantine brushed off the icicles on his beard, and said angrily, "It's because the chick from the Pod family didn't cooperate, otherwise the Chinese couple would have been caught long ago, and at least 2 billion dollars would have been in their hands!"
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The muscles on the old man's face twitched, and he sneered: "I know! But with such a simple method, they can all be fooled, and it's too stupid! The third child didn't handle things well this time!"
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What kind of peach blossom debts are caused by this! The rock man smiled helplessly.
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Dugu Jiachuan said in a deep voice: "According to the original plan, Tieguai Li leads people up from the left side, Dao Scar Liu leads people up from the right side, and I lead people up from the middle, first deal with those who watch the situation, and then smash the place, twenty It's done in minutes!"
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