how long does a mortgage audit take
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【how does writing off mortgage interest work 】 The two were chatting and laughing. Seeing Qian Shan coming in from the outside, Zhao Feifei waved and said, "Where did you go? Come here, Yu Shan brought delicious cakes." 。

Qian Shan nodded.

"Okay~" Zhao Feifei smiled, she didn't expect Qian Shan to agree so happily, but it made her feel better, "Then what do you want me to do for you?"

Pang Dongyan: I've thought it over clearly. If possible, we can really try to get along. Can you be my boyfriend...

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Ever since he was a sparring partner, Qian Shan always wears protective gear when he accompanies anyone to practice boxing. The protective gear can protect the head and upper body very well. This is the first time that he does not wear the protective gear. Want to hone physical strength.
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"Of course!" Chu Shaoyan smiled lightly, "I've never forced anyone to say that,"
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Zhao Feifei didn't feel anything at first, she just thought that Su Yushan was joking with herself, but when she talked about this potion, she couldn't help but move in her heart, yes, Su Yushan didn't know that this potion was prepared by him, but she knew that this potion had something to do with it. It is very likely that Qianshan configured it himself.
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