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The evil spirit inheritance area is the same, with twenty ninth-rank Gu controllers and a large number of eighth-rank Gu controllers. ... free interest economy

test. interest free on purchases credit card After Su Ran killed a Gu controller, he followed closely behind. ….

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highest rated payday loan company online - fast easy loan online .Because of Liu Sheng's help, on the first day of the sales conference, Su Ran fulfilled his goal of seeking Gu. |.

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"This Su Ran must have obtained other terrifying opportunities in the inheritance place. According to the news from the Ten Thousand Gu Tower, Su Ran has only become a fifth-rank Gu master for half a month, and his strength cannot be so strong. Even in the chaotic stone forest in Chushan, His strength is not as strong as it is now, let everyone outflank him, and hire some casual cultivators of the fifth and sixth ranks to work hard." ...

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Su Ran stood where he was, and all the Yueyue and Gu controllers who rushed towards him were stopped.

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In terms of the real harvest of the sixth-grade Gu, Wang Huang and Huang are not much worse than Su Ran.

The five ninth-rank Gu masters in the history of Chushan City all followed the false ninth-rank road.

This moment.

"Master Su, what a coincidence? Do you need other Mythical Gu?"

"Quickly, Qu Jinghong is ready to enter the main inheritance area. When Qu Jinghong breaks through the inheritance area with a sword, and then brings the Gu worms out of the main inheritance area, it's time for us to do it."

Sheng Feixian belongs to the Gu Master, and will be hunted down by the red and black people, while Su Ran belongs to the Moon Body, and will be hunted down by the lava man.

The matter of the Gu beast is only a small opportunity to distract everyone.

Gu masters with weaker defenses are blown into nothingness by energy like weathering.

Looking at the Flowing Bead Gu, Su Ran's mood became more peaceful.

"The Eighth Volume of the Three Domains, Nine Hundred and Thirty Years, Bitter Bamboo Gu, Ten Thousand Gu Tower, Min Wu..." .

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Su Ran's mind was a little confused. .

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