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【are interest free purchases ok 】 Xionghou squatted next to Yuzai, looking at those sewer pipes. These sewer pipes are not nonsense. In ancient times, there was a group of unknown tribal people in the Huaiyang area of Henan Province. Later generations called them Pingliangtai people. They probably lived here during the period when Yan and Huang were fighting for hegemony. In their earth city, this kind of clay drainage pipe was excavated later. 。

When Yan Zai spoke up to this point, he temporarily stopped talking, and used his complete and perfect professional knowledge to shock everyone here. People who are familiar with water control are inflated, and those who don't know it don't dare to talk nonsense.

The four mountains were all sent out to guard one side, and the old emperors also united under Di Fangxun's command to fight against the four emperors. In the border areas, the population has disappeared in large numbers, and they either migrated to the Central Plains or were annexed by the four emperors. In the area where the emperor's sphere of influence bordered the Central Plains, several vacuum zones appeared.

Ehuang once heard the theory of Prince Changqin, saying that like-minded people are people who can come together. Prince Changqin, as the number one idol in the mountains and seas, is a powerful pick-up master. He was going to burn the flea market if his book on pickup wasn't being sold in the market, so what he said, it must be true.

Ah, my good brother (kneeling at the grave), my mother and I will come to see you directly!

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This meeting was a complaint. When everyone came to the "village chief's house", Xiu said that he had a stomachache and went to take a shit and left. Concubine Zai originally planned to directly beat the drums to file a complaint, but he didn't expect to see an acquaintance next to him.
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The action efficiency of the Dushan people is very high. The whole tribe started to pack their things the next day. They decided to run to the location where the Lingjiatan people live according to the route planned by the concubine. After that, whether to go to the south or not , and then talk.
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Everyone is very satisfied with the situation here, only Xuehou is not very satisfied.
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Yu Zai was also very surprised, I ate the god you have been worshiping, and you didn't express it? Symbolic outrage?
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