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From Jiang Li's point of view, fighting against a bunch of little devils is simply too funny and cheap. And there is no challenge at all. With that time, it is better to go fishing at home and walk the dog. ... small business loan lending

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Han Songling looked up at the ceiling and said, "You don't have to guess. I'll try to keep the story short. We don't have much time left. Qianmo's twelve years haven't been long at all, and she's just been awake for two years. I don't know what kind of person she was two years ago. According to her memory, her parents died in the fire...the rest is unknown." ...

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Li Zhan followed, "That's right, Jiang Li, your sister's matter is not a big deal, what about you?"

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In addition to these, there are taller stone altars, who knows what is being suppressed below!

And people from the security team directly started selling tickets to watch the battle on the mountain in the distance...

Because there were no god-level masters, Dongdu, one of the most powerful countries on Blue Star, seemed to have fallen from the altar of a top power overnight.

Chen Mangxuan's hair fluttered and his robe bulged, his whole body was concentrated on the iron rod, and he roared, "Die!"

Old Weasel Pi laughed and said, "Okay, I'll take you there."

Nero muttered: "Everyone says that the food in Dongdu is delicious, but now it seems that it's all barbecue? We also roast..."

Simon rubbed his eyes and muttered, "There are so many people down the mountain?"

Jiang Li said, "You're welcome."

The female boss was taken aback for a moment, and then she smiled even more flamboyantly, with beautiful eyes and peach blossoms, and she almost gave Jiang Li a room card. However, the female boss seems to be just looking like this, she didn't really do anything, she just smiled happily: "Oh... look at your small mouth, it looks like you have been smeared with honey. Originally, I planned to put on makeup for you Send a photo to a circle of friends and make an advertisement.

But at noon, Qianye finally made a move, raised her feet and was about to walk towards the ninth picture! .

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As some small secret realms that have been explored have been discovered, the number of human monks has also begun to increase. .

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