small loan to buy a auction car
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【someone give this man a small loan of a million dollars 】 This is the method of besieging and killing with two enemies and one! 。

The waiter who was sitting in front saw that Su Ran and Wang Baiji didn't line up and came forward without any dissatisfaction. He quickly stopped his movements, stood up and said with a smile, "But Su Ran?"

This made Su Ran have a slight judgment on his speed.

We all know that the wheel is related to immortals, but not many people know about the related method.

"Eighteen great achievements, a seventh-rank legend, and an eighth-rank legend..."

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In this way, Ouyang Qi directly revealed a lot of information about the inheritance of ninth-rank Gu masters.
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The value of the three spirit Gu is precious, but it is very reluctant to change the three Gu techniques in the Ten Thousand Gu Building, and Su Ran needs to make up for the difference.
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Su Ran has always had an expectation in his heart. There seems to be no limit to the number of his abilities. If various abilities can be used superimposed, as long as he keeps collecting the low-level second-grade Gu skills of the fusion type, he will be invincible.
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With pain in his arms, the gibbon grinned.
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The look in the eyes of the old man dropped again, and he sighed: "One month is not bad, but just getting started is not enough. This level of comprehension is not enough to comprehend the essence of using two top-level Gu arts at the same time. You don't have to pursue it in the future. Gu is the carrier to condense the blood lines, legendary Gu is enough."
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To be honest, this request is a bit much, I don't know if there is any one that meets it.
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He has only been in Xiling City for three days, and the location has been accurately touched, which is a bit abnormal.
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Su Ran walked in.
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