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Lin Henyou hated Su Ran a long time ago. Everything today was created by Su Ran. If Su Ran didn't take away his two ninth-grade mythical Gu, he wouldn't chase another ninth-grade mythical Gu, and he wouldn't go after another ninth-grade mythical Gu. Don't get caught up in this. .

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This kind of trace cannot accurately allow Su Ran to track the movement of the water mouse.

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A golden air flow overflowed from his right arm, forming a golden mark on the face of his right fist.

When the registrar saw the gold seal, his eyes lit up, and he said a few words "good".

With such a strong sense of resistance, he is obviously in a weak state, his breath is unstable, and when he resists, he can't even suppress the top-level seventh-rank Gu skills.

Not only the Ten Thousand Gu Building.

There was blood on the ground. Except for the sixth-grade gibbon, all the other gibbons died, and their bodies were burned into nothingness.

It is roughly the eighth-grade human control Gu.

Su Ran was a little confused, but of course Mythical Gu could be used.

Thirty-five-year-old rank five Gu Master is naturally considered young.

Although Wang Xiaoge is a little arrogant, most of the people here are better than him, stronger than him, so they are quite safe.

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