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【put in for an online loan and they want me to pay 300 for payment protection? 】 Approaching quasi-advanced domain power? 。

We must find the two Gu Immortals attacking the city as soon as possible!

Su Ran doesn't care.

According to the news, the other party seems to be searching for eighth-rank spiritual Gu and mythical Gu, but everyone is human, so there is no need to do things like this.

"Interesting, interesting..."

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Yue Nuer pouted and glanced at Bei Gonghen, but finally didn't say much, just shook her head: "It's okay."
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Su Ran's eyes lit up, and he tentatively said: "Two forces, one is the force of poison, and the other is the force of indestructibility, how many can kill you?"
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Su Ran looked at the other prince who hadn't spoken, and said calmly: "From now on, you will be the next Marquis of Qianshan. I will kill your two competitors for you."
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There is also the mainland outside, which makes people yearn for it. The more land, the more resources, and the more opportunities.
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In less than a moment, the ghosts were slaughtered.
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"You have performed well. The duration of the declaration of war is half a year. During this half year, I don't want you to show your hostility towards the Beigong leader. Otherwise, when the night rains and the lights go out, it's time to kill people!"
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Looking at Fang Tianbag, there are no valuable Gu worms in it, such a powerful Gu master would not bring all his wealth with him.
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Moreover, his father died early and his mother disappeared. It is estimated that there is a high probability of death. One cannot be carefree, so what's the point of living?
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