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This kind of person should be raised, there is no need to destroy the other's invincibility. .

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The information is not complete, and there are very few strange Gus that can be directly pointed out by the owner. ...

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Half a month passed quietly again.

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Master Eryue did not take his seat, but said: "I just follow Master to track down the whereabouts of Jingmo."

If Bei Gonghen can win the title of the first son in advance with an overwhelming advantage, the time of confirming the first son will be staggered from the time when the Gu essence is produced, and there will be more controllable space in between.

No one is not afraid of demons.

Ultra-high-ranking lightning domain power!

The Seventh Prince paused for a moment, and without even saying a word, Su Ran pledged his allegiance directly.

No nonsense, just do it!

"Look, King Yuyi is invincible!"

Fubeiming Gu can restore domain power, it is only effective for Gu Immortal's natal Gu, it is useless for Jue Yang and Demon Envoy!

And the beautiful woman in tulle is the most beautiful woman in the world, Yu Yi Wang!

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"No need, the feeling of being watched is not good. I have promised to go to the appointment. Yu Shangxian doesn't have to worry about my repentance. You can go back first." Su Ran said lightly. .

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