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【did warren receive an interest free loan 】 "Wow, is this the Heavenly God of Punch and Hammer, the cheap god who stepped on a god-level demon? He's so handsome!" 。

Qing nodded slightly and said: "I thought the Wu family was still brilliant, so you set up a suspicious formation and let everyone's eyes focus on the battle between me and Jiang Li. Now it seems that Lan Xing is really lonely... Back then How majestic the empress is, sweeping the starry sky and suppressing the world. It is ironic that she has become a guardian in a small city now."

Jiang Li said: "It is precisely because she is smart that she is telling the truth."

Now this is my second shot, right? "

Qing pouted and said, "The product of the technology side."

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After speaking, Jiang Li lay on the bow of the boat with the big fat fish in his arms, and began to be in a daze.
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Therefore, in this life, he only wants to find someone he loves, and he doesn't intend to just find someone to fool him.
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Xiong Ba rubbed his hair and said, "Damn it, it's not good to be treated like a monkey by so many people! I'll tear up that little boy first."
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When a large pot of crabs was brought to the table, Changsun Bao's claws had already been stretched over.
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"What if we don't go?" Nero asked.
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Old Liu whispered: "Are you still my sister? Letting you do such a small thing makes you nervous and makes me nervous."
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After taking a look, Pan Yan nodded and said, "Indeed, I just don't know what it is. Hey, don't we also salute, let's take it out and sit down too."
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Sister Hong said, "You want to know?"
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