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Wang Qingming glanced at the others, nodded slightly and said, "He's not cowardly today." ... opening a small business loan or personal money

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black small business loan - small personal loan from wells fargo .Jiang Li said: "I said I would help you, and you thanked me, didn't you agree? You can still talk... It seems that you are not strong enough." |.

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Hei Lian was lying on the top of the kang, looking at herself who had been lying down a long time ago, and then at Jiang Li who was covered with a quilt... She clicked her lips and said unwillingly: "Qianmo, I don't have a quilt yet." .

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"The third generation of gods? Are there still generations of gods?" Ma Yuan asked subconsciously. ...

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Lao Hua is also full of doubts. He has been staring at Tianshan Mountain for the past few days, but there has been no movement. He also has no idea what Jiang Li is doing.

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Jin Yao couldn't help cursing: "My Cao, when will the van run so fast... This grandson must have been modified!"

Then there was the sound of dogs barking and people clinking with sticks...

The two of them suddenly felt their stomachs turned upside down, and they wanted to vomit subconsciously.

Hei Lian over there raised her beard in anger, and shouted to Jiang Li in her heart: "Why am I not a good person? What did I do to me? I have been in Blue Star for so long, and I haven't killed a single ant. How many good people are there like me?"

Even though it was night, through the light, one could still see Su Jiu's swaying figure, which was so graceful and well-proportioned, that one couldn't help but salivate.

But in the end, she still maintained her rationality, glared at Jiang Li, jumped into the sky, and rushed towards the Xiangjiang River in the distance...

Grandson: "¥..."

With an order, the battleship erupted with an incomparably bright white halo. There was lightning in the halo, and it swept across all directions. Even those cloud warriors swept in, and flew out on the spot, turning into a cloud of smoke in midair. !

Then Crow and Doudou stripped it naked and hung it directly on the roof.

Everyone laughed a lot, someone teased Jiang Li and asked, "Hey, brother, how strong do you think you are?" .

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Old Hua said hehe: "This cheat book was provided by the Python Dragon Sect... Hey? Jiang Li? Jiang Li? What are you talking about?" .

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