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"Could it be the hallucination caused by the toxin? No, my bottleneck has indeed loosened a bit..." .

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The lifespan of a cultivator is very long.

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If it's just for the missing hair, Wang Zhengchu doesn't have to.

"Damn it, these guys didn't come here to compete at all, they just came here to mess things up!"

Otherwise, Enron sees no reason to doubt.

middle-aged man who is completely different from Taoist Fei Ling in terms of appearance and breath!

The only thing to be careful of is the sorcerers of the Grassland Royal Court, who often have strange methods and are proficient in curses, poisons and so on.


"At this time, you still want to protect my safety. You are indeed Brother An Ran."

Immediately, Lu Chengde and Ying Feiling were attracted by the things in the young man's hands.

"Could it be that Elder Fei Ling gave him a magic weapon to protect himself..."

"Could it be the hallucination caused by the toxin? No, my bottleneck has indeed loosened a bit..." .

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