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Jiang Meng: "I did it by myself when I was idle in the jungle." ... you manage a small loan for a branch office

test. sutdent loan bankruptcy business debt sixth circuit Jiang Chuyin’s trips in the past two years have been in RVs, and this time he drove his. Fortunately, four rooms can be freed up, and there is a living room in the middle that does not lack anything. In fact, it is just for daily rest. To live in the nearest hotel. ….

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Kang Junzhu was so kicked that he didn't have any defenses at all, and he fell to the ground like a dog eating shit: "Damn it, who sneaked up on me——" .

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[What's so funny about this, hurry up and see Xie Yi's expression, that's what's exciting! 】 ...

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There is a hot spring next to it, and the hot spring water is drawn directly from the bottom. It is best to take a cool soak after the operation. He supported Qin Mo and was about to get up, but Qin Mo struggled slightly;

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"Why do they all remember Dr. Zhou? Have you forgotten my hard work?"

Xia Lei picked it up and took a look, then exclaimed in astonishment, "Barbecue ingredients?!"

[They are all top 30! How could you not know him? 】

Zhang Ming hurriedly took it, thanked him and ran back.

"What's going on?" Xie Yi frowned and asked.

Song Jing frowned, but did not speak, Qin Mo closed his eyes;

"I really admire Song Jing a little now, holding Qin Mo and other people's children as happy as if they were my own."

"I'll help you in, my master Qin, if you look upside down, will it frighten your son?"

The man nodded hurriedly without thinking about it.

"You, you have a good memory, but if you follow me, there are many places you can't go." .

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"You don't want to?" .

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