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【career interest inventory holland typefocus free 】 "By the way, Brother Feng, you are too. You can suppress as much as you can. If you make a fortune tonight, you must redeem yourself for Jiuxian'er. It's not a big problem." 。


The time is gradually approaching noon.

Su Ran snorted coldly, scratched Lei Chun's head with one claw, and then grabbed the second-grade Gu worm on his body.

Absolutely cut!

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The Wuyuan worm corrodes everything, before the Wuyuan worm, there is no difference between third-rank, fourth-rank, and fifth-rank Gu masters.
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The extra power blessing under the berserk increased from 5.5 times to 7 times.
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The flow of people has long been cleared, and the second-rank and third-rank Gu Masters of the Eight Great Families have all walked out of their respective exclusive areas and gathered at the entrance of the city that never sleeps.
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The appearance of this woman was too different from the two Gu controllers Su Ran had seen, so he didn't immediately think of each other as Gu controllers.
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"Based on the theory that my second source was able to defend against the attacks of third-rank Gu masters, my current defense should not be a problem against ordinary fourth-rank Gu masters."
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"Dudu is in my arms, I'll get it for you."
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A strange moon who has been hiding in Beiyuan City for more than ten years?
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passer-by Gu Master attacked the two of them.
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