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"Recently, this young man has repeatedly sought out the Tianjiao of the Land of Opening Heaven, but each time he was wounded but not killed. It just confirmed the guess of the master and his old man. Many Tianjiao figures in the fairy world are probably in unknown It's time to fall into the trap of black hands!" ... good credit score loans

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After the future Sword Dao Great Emperor becomes immortal, their road ahead will be smooth, and there will be no obstacles for sword cultivators to become immortals. .

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An Ran scratched her hair with some headaches, but at this moment, Nan Guo Laodao suddenly said: ...

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Fairy You suddenly raised her hand and thrust it into her stomach, and took out a bright mirror, the mirror reflected lines of characters, and those characters turned into divine light, submerged between Fairy You's eyebrows.

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Elder Lingbao, who was being beaten, suddenly had bright eyes:

It's just that the Sri Lankan has gone, and the past is hard to recover.

It was only at this time that everyone realized that An Ran hadn't appeared for a long time.

"And I didn't cry... woo, it hurts."

"What, what old friend?" Several people asked cautiously.

After a while, the old man withdrew his gaze and said with a slight smile.

After all, with so much land and so many resources, it needs an owner after all!

"Of course it's just tofu brain, and I made it myself." An Ran smiled.

That breath is quite weak, and even the Immortal King will ignore it if it is a little careless.

And there are only a few fairy kings who are qualified to break through the realm of fairy kings, plus some whose origins are unclear. .

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"Huh? Someone actually summoned me?" .

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