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【company /business in need of loan for project in [pii_email_98575fa8127ad78f1ee3] 】 Of course, relying on the physical advantage of the Yueyue body, although the cultivation base is not close, the actual combat power of the great lord is similar to that of the six kings of Xianyu. 。

It has been measured, excluding the 24.0 blessings of the Emperor Origin Gu itself, in the Emperor Origin Gu, the domain strength increased by the Gu essence has officially exceeded 70 points, and the consumption of the Gu essence has increased. Become five copies of the essence of Gu and add a little domain power strength.

Looking at the surrounding environment, Su Ran was thoughtful.

In history, there have been some demon envoys and saints who died on Mount Blessing. "

He sighed: "Oh, Xi Yourong, Xi Concubine, two identical people, appeared in different ages, both to give birth to a child with Gu Master qualifications, and as a qualified Yuyi King, he became Wan Wan There is no one who is half-transcendence, and there is a big secret hidden in this world."

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Moreover, the Jade Muscle Water Gu's combat power is not strong, it is impossible to beat Yuandi Dragon Gu.
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The demon envoys, on the other hand, were full of endless anger, only staring at the main demon, and only waiting for the command of the main demon.
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He glanced at Lucy in surprise. Lucy already sat up straight again with the look of "I haven't said anything", the tips of her white ears seemed to be reddish from embarrassment, and her eyes didn't blink. Looking at the ice rink, he whispered uncomfortably:
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It's useless to keep masters in Yuannei, this is the territory of Bulaoshan.
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Looking back in the direction of the ancient Gu world, Su Ran was about to continue walking into the darkness.
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Apparently, both of them are detached.
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"So-so." Su Ran replied casually.
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He is very strong now, his whole body is strong, and the power of the golden domain has become stronger.
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