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Originally, he wanted to take advantage of Xiao Yong's cautious nature, to be steady first. ... how to establish business credit without a personal guarantee

test. which term refers to the reward that a borrower pays to a lender for a loan? Su Ran has returned home. ….

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But the red-stocked monkeys are not stupid. If the opponent wants to fight at close quarters, they will carry out kite siege tactics. .

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Killing Yun Qu'er is of course no problem, but killing Yun Qu'er with his own hands will inevitably lead to some criticism from Yun Qu'er's family. ...

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Su Ran thought that the tingling symptoms were the aftereffects of using rage, but now it seems that it is not so simple...

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Su Ran reached out to stop the boss's questioning, "Just give it as I ask."

Su Ran's pupils shrank, "It's so fast!"

The booming sound reappeared, and Hua Yan started to explode Gu worms again.

As soon as Qian Buer said that Su Ran was a purple blood fire, there were a lot of exclamations from the crowd:

As soon as Su Ran took out the secret stone fragments, Gu worms appeared.


Blood fire Gu is not a rare Gu insect among Gu masters, but because of Jiao Shuyuan's strict control of blood fire Gu in Longshan village, there are only a few Gu masters in Longshan village.

Jiao Shuyuan walked to the window, looking at the bustling market with a gloomy gaze.

Liu Guang turned towards Zhang An's left arm, and with a scream, his left arm left Zhang An's body directly.

Su Ran is not in the mood to think about what happened to Han Sheng now, but only thinks about how to kill the blood wolf in front of him. .

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The monkeys were quiet. .

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