education loan purpose of the study
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【a feasibility study long-term loan 】 There are also particular points in learning the art of warfare. 。

"Hmph, you're dishonest." Mr. Xi gave Su Ran a look.

He had one of the Dzi Bead chess pieces in his hand, and when Wang Gouyan asked him, he said that he asked the Lin family to take it, clearly to make trouble for the Lin family.

Murderous aura, domineering aura, and evil aura also gave birth to three domain skills.

The content of the True Yang Sutra is much more concise than that of the Defiant Yang Sutra, and a lot of content has been added or deleted. Among them, the content related to the Soldiers of the Sun and Moon marked by the Defiant Yang is completely gone.

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This is a fairy seed that is expected to become a fairy!
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It's not too late to wait for Fumingyan to recover on its own.
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Su Ran still doesn't know much about Gu Immortal, he only knows that Gu Immortal involves Domain, but Domain shouldn't be as simple as just drawing a circle.
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"I really don't plan to take the money, but they leave. I think that Ziyi seems to be interested in you." Yue Nuer was playing with taste. When she said this, her heart beat faster.
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Murderous Inheritance Area.
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However, Saint Feixian built a cave, which might provide Su Ran with some useful things.
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At that time, several Gu Immortals had just died, and the power of the domain left behind had a little residual consciousness, which allowed Qin Guxian to walk out of the Immortal Battle Relic safely, and Qin Guxian also told the world about the process of the Immortal War.
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For the matter of the Central Territory, a Beigong Hou Shizi has to take action, otherwise, it will go on endlessly.
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