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【how to apply for business loans and credit cards with ein number 】 "Of course this is one of the most important reasons." Ye Tianhe spoke again, his tone was calmer now, and he continued: "The other reasons are the differences between you and Ye Jinlong. Although Ye Jinlong is very good among his peers, , but it is far behind you. In terms of skill, you and my old man are the heirs of the ancient Wu Taiqing sect. You were able to break out alive with Ruoxi under the siege of Zhang Haohai's hundred subordinates in Nanxiong City! You can secretly kill the artillery hall master of the Bamboo Association, and you can fight dozens of elites of the Bamboo Association by yourself!" 。

While Dr. Zhou and Zhang Kaixuan were puzzled, two bodyguards beside Zhang Kaixuan immediately stopped him. As Zhang Kaixuan's bodyguards, they had seen Chu Shaoyan's photo and knew that Chu Shaoyan was Zhang Kaixuan. The person in Kaixuan's heart that he dreamed of killing.

"Your Excellency, Governor, we can call ASEAN and let the ASEAN organization calm down this matter!" The city lord of Pula City in Country F thought for a while.

Lin Zixin didn't seem to have thought that Chu Shaoyan would ask such a name, he was taken aback for a moment, then his pupils slowly closed and then enlarged, with an expression of reminiscence on his face.

Chu Shaoyan took Xiaoshe's mobile phone and said, "Hello, who is it?"

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"My father, Alfred Faulkner, used to be the mayor, and my mother used to be the ambassador of the embassy in China, the ambassador of the embassy in the United States, and the ambassador of the United Nations..."
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Chu Shaoyan wanted to open his mouth to reject Jiang Wanquan's proposal, but Ye Tianhe had already agreed, and Chu Shaoyan couldn't say anything. At this time, it was mainly due to Jiang Wanquan's mysterious smile when he left, that Chu Shaoyan's heart sank.
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In fact, in the sea, fresh water is equally important, even more valuable than in the desert. After all, in the desert, water may still be found.
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don’t know how long it took to finish eating and it was evening. For Toyotomi Maaya’s special status, it indicated that he would live in Sanlian Manor tonight, so Chu Shaoyan had no choice but to send Toyotomi Maaya back, while Liang Wanruo drove the car alone. The car went back, and she was also busy working in the branch office in Harbor City.
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Hearing the artillery's words, Zhang Haohai didn't speak, and a gloomy light flashed in his eyes. Obviously, according to Huo Pao, if Ye Ruoxi dies accidentally, then his life will really come to an end!
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If the branch masters were dissatisfied with Chu Shaoyan for not picking them up before, then at this moment, they are not dissatisfied at all! Although they can be regarded as the bosses of the party, and they are also considered figures in the Tao, but compared with the leader of the Snow Wolf Mercenary Group, they are nothing!
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This move stunned the five killers, and also stunned Chu Shaoyan. To be honest, he didn't expect Toyotomi Maaya to do this at all, even in his opinion, as a woman, Toyotomi Maaya should hide behind a man after encountering such a situation.
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"Abao, stop talking." Chu Shaoyan prevented Abao from continuing to speak with his eyes.
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