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Without Gu technique, Su Ran's basic fist strength was more than 700 tigers, unless Su Ran had more than two rank-4 legendary Gu worms with both offensive and defensive capabilities, and the other attacking Gu worms were also rank-4 rare Gu. ...

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Lin Henyou is not dead.

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All of a sudden, the entire area of Chushan City was in a state of turmoil, and Gu masters from all schools were looking for Patriarch Heikui.

However, Chang Kongli felt that the sky darkened suddenly, and he seemed to be drawn into an endless abyss.

Someone is attacking the defense of the heritage site, triggering the protection mechanism?

At the gate of the city, there is a four-rank moon hunter, holding a bright fire mirror, and constantly irradiating the population entering the city.

A slight fluctuation came from behind.

"Then, the members of Chang Kong's family and Lin's family knew they had been duped, so they fought."

And it is even more impossible for the ancient spring clan and the five major forces in the human domain to give the ancestor of Heikui a piece of the dzi bead.

For example, if rank five Blood Toughness Gu is not Legendary Gu, but Mythical Gu.

How to change the remaining fourteen great merits, Su Ran didn't figure it out for the time being, and thought about it after absorbing this wave, there is no need to use up the merits at once.

As for the other Gu worms below the fourth rank, they will be taken care of by Qian Buer. .

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