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The ice surface is a natural spotlight, and the audience's sights will naturally gather here. ... how long are student loan repayment plans

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After 25 minutes, they arrived at the most famous scenic spot in Songcheng: the Ice and Snow World. .

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This program was compiled in August, and now it is February. In the past six months, Lu Xi's physical fitness has improved by leaps and bounds. ...

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At that time, Lu Xi saw Deng Chang's WeChat profile picture for the first time, and it turned out to be a landscape photo with a middle-aged style, a lake beside a beautiful forest.

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It was as if everything fell into place out of the blue.

Even the difference between the first-placed Lao Wa and the seventh-placed Asano Subaru is only 7 points. Everyone’s short program this year is very good, and none of the players in the first echelon is out of order.

Chen Qi wanted to take care of him, but he didn't want Chen Qi to take care of him. He felt that it was too bad now, and he didn't want to waste coaching resources.

Going to the side of the ice rink, seeing Jayers' annoyed face, Lucy asked the next person to find out that it was supposed to be a perfect program, but Jayers made a mistake in the Dalian Hell Jump at the end, and in the end he only got the With 192.1 points, the total score of 285 is basically out of the competition in the Grand Prix.

Lu Xi didn't care much about this kind of lip service, or he thought it was a loser's behavior, but Deng Chang insisted on confronting Liu Xinyu and demolished him coldly: "You don't have to force yourself, come solo. "

Besides acceleration, the bigger problem is with the blade.

So Lu Xi ran to another rest area, joined Cui Xiao, and continued to watch the rest of the game.

Although he usually put on a sullen face and pretended to be cold, he talked a lot in front of Deng Chang, and he didn't even talk to Deng Chang much these days.

Even the old janitor can feel the obvious difference:

The increase in height will make it more difficult for Deng Chang to complete the single jump, but it will not affect his physical strength at all. Deng Chang is already a player with excellent physical fitness, and this time he also lived up to his perfect performance in the second half of the first half. .

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Now there is less than a week left before the national championship game, and the participating provincial team members have already rushed to the first body. .

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