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This was the first deserter in the division, and the division commander was very angry when he found out. ... mortgage loan officer qualifications

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At this moment, there was a huge pressure in the originally quiet study room, and the huge pressure made Gu Yue, who had seen many great things in the world, a little out of breath. .

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The military doctor checked Xu Chaohua's injuries. ...

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He didn't know when this letter would reach his parents.

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"Let them search the entire camp in units of squads. All places in the camp need to be searched carefully, and no corners can be missed."

Chen Zhiyuan first walked to Ye Ruoxi's side, patted Ye Ruoxi's shoulder lightly, said a few words of comfort symbolically, and then cast his eyes on Chu Shaoyan.

On the phone, Wang Sanpang briefly explained how he won the third-class merit this time. The meaning in his words was that he was not injured this time, but performed well in the exercise.

Hearing Geng Guohui's introduction, Wang Sanpang obediently picked some chili sauce and put it in the noodle bowl.

Song Ga casually pointed to two people and asked them to inform the passengers about this matter.

As for Wang An, he was sent to a military hospital for treatment.

"No! You lied to me!" Ye Ruoxi covered her ears with her hands, closed her eyes and shook her head vigorously, "You lied to me! My father is not dead! You lied to me..." In the end, Ye Ruoxi's struggle was over. became weak and feeble.

This recruit company is in the countryside of NJ, very far away from the urban area, and it is very appropriate to describe it as not in the front of the village and in the back of the store.

After spending more than half an hour, Wang Sanpang finally explained the process of this exercise.

"Since this is the case, prepare to act. Remember, don't strike too hard. After all, Wang An's father is a hero of our courtyard. I will cooperate with you to do the following work well." .

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