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【interest free bank account 】 The importance of provincial capitals goes without saying. Jiangcheng is the economic center of the eastern part of the province, Ningcheng is the economic center of the southern part of the province, Tanzhou is the economic center of the western part of the province, and the rest of the cities with more developed economies are covered by the above four cities. under the light. 。

Less than two hours before the assault, Chu Shaoyan immediately ordered Song Siming to pick out eight capable commandos and include them in two raid teams.

"A bunch of garbage." Chu Shaoyan sneered, and then his figure flashed. Before everyone could see the situation clearly, they saw several black shadows rising into the sky and shooting towards the distant sky!

Ling Haoxuan said: "Where is our advantage? The police and the government are on our side. In this case, we will have no scruples in handling affairs, and we can even use some gray actions. For example, we can secretly carry out the "Royal II" big The devil's cave was set on fire, and then the police dispatched to force Hao Shengwen and others out, so they couldn't continue to stay in the 'Royal No. 2'."

Many bullets hit the shirt, but were bounced off. Obviously, this is a body armor, and after Chu Shaoyan infused it with the magical power-Taiqing Qi, ordinary bullets can never penetrate it!

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"It's not fair!" Emily's pretty face blushed, her white teeth bit her red lips tightly, and her blue eyes burst into anger, "We have been with the Anti-Smoking Alliance for more than a year. This information is obtained, and you want us to hand over all the information, which is not fair!"
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Dugu Linfeng recalled his previous experience, and took a step back in shock: "The devil, that's a devil, last time I... I was almost..."
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Ke Bin nodded and said: "The idea is good. Guns, controlled knives, and explosives are devastating to the harmony and stability of society. We must crack down on them! Okay, you go, I will wait for your good news."
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Chu Shaoyan said lightly: "I know how powerful that Jiangcheng Devil's Cave 'Royal No. 2' is."
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The round-faced girl Xiaojing nodded and jumped up, and walked out with a boy with an afro in her arms.
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Zi Die walked over, but it was a yellow-faced and thin yellow-haired guy. This guy obviously saw a single stunning girl wandering in the quiet street, so he had a different heart, and even wanted to get money and sex.
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Five minutes later, forty-two people came to the bottom of the cruise ship one after another. The tonnage of this cruise ship was about 30,000 tons, about 250 meters long, about 55 meters wide, and the waterline was as high as 8 meters from the side of the ship.
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After checking his cousin's physical condition, Chu Shaoyan tucked her in the quilt, and then pulled her out: "You know it's noisy, this is the ward, please be quiet."
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