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【pay eastern bank car loan online 】 Niuran's proposal before that is indeed feasible. We should join a Beigong Hou Shizi to keep the Central Territory for ten years. If Jinghong has the opportunity to obtain the living soil, it is also possible to restore the Central Territory to its original state. 。

The starting point rule is that you can get 1,500 yuan for full attendance in the first three months of the shelf, regardless of your grades.

"I will go to Mingguang Gu Academy, after all, I have a favor." Su Ran laughed.

"Phew, I'm about to throw up."

"The Reverse Blood Phoenix Gu, I got it from Lin Henyou, the ninth grade Gu under the ancestor of Heikui in Chushan City a few days ago." Su Ran said lightly.

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"Hmph, that's not necessarily the case. Su Ran has the body protection of the Immortal Gu, so he can travel to and from the Guihai Sea. If he goes to the outside world from the Weihai Sea, and then returns as a Gu Immortal, your Zhangkong family will not be able to escape being wiped out!" Wang Jianming said coldly.
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Once someone gets close to the stone platform, the nine Gu worms will work together to continue to display the Overlord Body according to Saint Feixian's request.
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"Qishengqin, space-type Gu worms, Bijue Moon body can resist corrosion fog..."
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prince wants to expand his power, one is to win over Gu Immortals with his personality charm or with divine fruit resources, Bei Gonghan just wants to get the divine fruit in the ground area of Zhongyu Continent so that he can attract more Gu Immortals as offerings The second is to carry out the War of the World.
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In order to pursue the most gold, it seems that he has to turn all attributes into sources of mythology.
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"There are still twelve Demon Heart Sutras in this world, and there are also twelve Demon Envoys. The twelfth Demon Envoy was plotted by the Dayu Immortal Dynasty and fell ten thousand years ago. Once the Twelve Demon Envoys died, the twelfth Demon Envoy The Heart Sutra also reappears.
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This time, Human Domain Gu Master suffered a big loss.
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"Take down Qu Jinghong!"
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