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test. iowa student loan calculator The fifth round started soon, and Sun Hongsheng was obviously exhausted, but after he came up, he continued to attack Qian Shan, while Qian Shan continued to defend. ….

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After the big man left, the coach came over, "I said Qian Shan, this guy didn't come to ask you to practice with him, did he?" ...

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The big man hummed: "If you want to make money, contact our two brothers. Also, please rest assured that although we are not playing regular games, we are all relying on our own strength to eat, and we don't do anything that is unconscionable."

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"Huh? Is there any problem here?" Qian Shan was still very curious. If it was just a discussion, it should be normal.

"Yes, Master Chu! I will take care of it right away, and there will be absolutely no omissions!"

Qian Shan couldn't help having a headache. He rubbed his forehead for a while, raised his hand and slapped himself, and said to himself, "Thinking too much..."

Qian Shan said with a smile: "I've been there, it looks like it will take two or three days, I'll leave after finishing it for him."

"Huh?" Qian Shan was a little puzzled.

Su Yushan waved her fists: "Qianshan, teach them a lesson in a while, and try to give them a KO! Only then can you relieve your anger!"


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