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Even so, Starscream still didn't show a painful expression, on the contrary, he still looked so excited! ... which of the following describes a purchase money mortgage financing arrangement?

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After a short period of thought, General Cai Ba came back to his senses, and the way he looked at Chu Shaoyan changed instantly. At the same time, he had made a clear decision in his heart. .

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At the same time, in the interview room. ...

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Although he knew that both of them were acting, Chu Shaoyan did not stop them. After the two men finished their self-punishment, Chu Shaoyan glanced at the remaining five branch bosses.

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At the same time, the shadows of cats all over the sky also disappeared!

But it was the first time he encountered a human being who was not a demon and jumped out of 200 points at once.

"Huh~" Chu Shaoyan sighed and said, "Looking at it now, the most important thing is to first understand the current situation of the real estate owned by the group, and then use the information in it to speculate on the possible future plans of the Hua family."

The martial arts consultant of the special forces of the Dongjiang Military Region of Baodao? ! Hearing Chu Shaoyan's words, several special police officers were taken aback, and one of them even took Chu Shaoyan's certificate in disbelief.

Jiang Li immediately said: "Mom, me!"

Although the official list is authoritative, everyone generally believes that the masters on the official list are not as powerful as those on the wild list, so there is such a saying that the masters are among the people.

While lighting a cigarette, Jiang Li said, "Why are you so angry?"

"They live in a hotel not far from the train station." Tang Hu quickly replied, "I've ordered people to put the hotel under strict surveillance, and they can't escape."

Seeing that there was an ambush outside, Liu Dayong quickly hid behind a big tree with Ye Tianhe on his back, while Jiang Dahai hid beside him. .

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Otherwise, let his mother make such a fuss, and all girlfriends will have to run away. .

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