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【pay off loans during grace period credit 】 "Guga!" 。

The flood receded, the wind also gradually died down, and the brief tranquility was just a prelude to Hou Tian's accumulation of greater strength.

"... Live by farming, gather people from three mountains and four fields, and raise sheep, dolphins, and dogs. There is a mountain in the south, called Tianbi Mountain, which is the entrance to the Great Southern Wilderness. The Chifang clan has a witch saying, and it is named after the surname. .”

There are many direct bloodlines of the emperor in Shanhai.

As a member of the public world, Danzhu is not very interested in the position of the co-lord of the world, mainly because Danzhu knows his identity is sensitive, and the emperor has ruled the world for sixty-six years, although all the people in the world praise him , but the mighty flood still did not leave the mountains and seas.

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Yan Zai and a group of friends in the tribe discussed this matter by the bonfire.
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"Rules and laws are good things. Get her caught. This kind of person looks like the kind with a bad temper..."
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But Ji Wuzhu saw that he became a wizard at such a young age, and felt incredible. At the same time, he kept using actions to "praise" Yuzai, which means "young and promising"!
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In the season when heavy rain spreads, it not only causes river floods, but also causes large lakes such as Yunmengze and Dongting Lake to gush out, and at the same time, mountain torrents and mudslides erupt. Gonggong's dams are built to store water, and the original dams exceed their bearing capacity. , broken, can also lead to larger flood peaks...
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This is the song of the harvest!
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Regarding the matter of borrowing cattle, although the Hong family was unwilling to do so, Yu Zai knew the nature of the Hong family well, and told the teacher that he was a little greedy, while the Hong family was a big one. It was called a cow totem, but it was actually an iron rooster totem. , so to impress the Mo Hong family, one must offer benefits.
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The shaman of the Diyou family explained to Chisongzi casually, and Chisongzi said: "This is a cow totem, but I can't see it clearly. I'm not talking about you. Why don't you make this totem clean..."
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"Also in the distance, there are flowers in the wild..."
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