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【blackstone mortgage trust 】 Everyone was horrified and retreated as fast as they could! 。

Xia Gan instantly cleared his mind, and his perception and thinking increased tenfold!

"It seems that the man is not an ordinary person! It seems that he was Xia Gan who killed a large number of disciples of Guiyuan Daozong on the Longmen battlefield before! Xia Gan was very popular in that battle, and completely crushed this year's Guiyuan Daozong freshmen!"

"Xu Huan! You even participated in the Longmen War!"

When the killing intent of both sides exploded to the extreme! Blood feud cannot be resolved! The only way to stop killing is to kill! This is cruel! ruthless! But that's heaven!

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The eighteen thieves who appeared here at this moment are all three thieves who are not ranked high, and their strength is only at the eighth level of Tiangang Realm. Of course, she and her cousin are no match for her, but Luo Wanli next to her can fight!
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Xia Gan smiled, and slapped it with the same palm!
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Chu Xingchen was dressed like a scholar, holding a folding fan in his hand, with a graceful demeanor.
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The Thunder Slashing Sword appeared in Xia Gan's hand, and the lightning flashed and crackled on it.
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The Hongchen swordsmanship, the five elements of the Hongchen, will fascinate anyone who enters it.
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Participating in the camellia meeting of the Goddess League, Xia Gan never thought about joining the Goddess League. The reason why he came here was entirely because of Su Xinyue's kindness. Just a trip.
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