where can i get a personal loan with fair credit
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【how to get a instant loan 】 Xia Gan looked up at the sky, his eyes were floating and scattered. 。

"You shouldn't be happy about my appearance, because it proves that your death is coming!" Xia Gan said coldly, "I killed He Qingshan, and it's only right for you Spring and Autumn Academy to avenge him. I have nothing to say, but you are despicable. It is unacceptable to attack my Xuantian authentic disciple! You will definitely die today! I said it!"

originally left from Xuantian Zhengzong to come to Jiuyou Cold Stone and Jiuyou Cold Spring, but now I am going to Jiuyou Cold Spring, these two things are secondary, the main thing is to get the Jiuyou Tianlian and save Guo Jingming Injuries, only in this way can the Guo family be truly saved!

From these three masks, Guo Caiwei has already guessed the identities of these three people!

Just when Xia Gan was still hesitating whether to show up immediately, suddenly a wild laughter shook the sky!

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Of course, Xia Gan didn't pay any attention to these comments, but the words of these people did confirm his previous guess.
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Everyone was shocked and backed up again and again. One of the blind daters with the hugged person suddenly showed a ferocious look on his face. He rushed up and smashed the iron rod at the back of the electric shocked person's head!
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At the same time, everyone knows that Xia Gan is finished! He must spill blood on the stage of life and death!
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Seeing Luo Wanli running away from the convoy and chasing the fleeing iron-backed ape, she was a little worried!
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Now that Xia Gan said so, Yi Qingyi and Zhong Nishang didn't have much to say, and the two girls were about to leave immediately.
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"You go alone to resist the giant spirit ape! Isn't that courting death?" Yi Qingyi covered her mouth, she didn't expect Xia Gan to be so bold!
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