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Looking at the location Valk pointed to, there is indeed a special mark, like a grass. ... what factors should a person consider before obtaining a loan

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【Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, our cubs are still very principled! 】 .

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These are potatoes that have germinated. They only need to be exposed to the sun for a while to make the sprouts thicker before they can be planted. This time does not take long. ...

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Abandoned by her family, malicious from the world, she didn't know how long she could hide.

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【I said, although the cliff is indeed steep, it can go down smoothly with the strength of Major General Song. 】

He also wanted to ask why!

"One thousand gold coins? It may be a lot, but for those people, it's just a pain in the flesh. Many children of nobles should find a way to buy the title of knight and have their own knight territory."

"Did he run away?" Frowning, he glanced around. The strange smell coming from the black cauldron made people feel a little disgusted, and the human corpse tied on the wooden table beside him was covered in blood.

[Is the number of casualties a bit too much...]

"What nonsense, they are common people, you are just a slave, even if you sue the nobles, we will suffer."

"Yesterday..." Irene hesitated for a while and said.

[But this tiger has no intention of stopping yet, what is it trying to do? 】

"I didn't find milk for you, but I found this." Song Yu'an handed the wooden bowl to the cub.

"Let's just say that I haven't shown any special talent since I was a child. The Wells family will definitely not be relieved when my father leaves. Now you can see my growth. There is actually no need to hide some things." .

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Song Yu'an: "..." He was negligent. .

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