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Fight the second son again? ... credit works llc can you have two loans

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"Su Ran, you are guilty!" Chang Qingzi snapped. .

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A three-turn... ...

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Before his strength has been improved, he will not even attack the Changkong family and the Lin family.

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This is domain power consumption!

Although the Immortal Gu is precious, Su Ran knows that there is no shortage of Immortal Gu in Beigonghou's Mansion.

Beigong Qingshan rose to a high altitude, and the others also rose slowly, heading out of the city.

Killed many members of the Changlin family, and all Gu masters above the eighth rank died.

The smoke and dust dissipated, and Su Ran stood upright, but her breath was a little short.

In the sky above the Thirteenth Prince's Mansion, Su Ran and Huang Mu stood opposite each other.

On Su Ran's side, You Qu, Mo Paozu and others are conducting an autopsy on Beigong Qingshan.

"There are probably some healing Gu left in Zhongyu, let's collect them all."

Some proud Bei Gonghen directly shouted to the eldest son: "Brother, I think the position of the first son can be given to me. I promise, after becoming the first son, I will not kill all brothers. "

"However, since the second child died, there is one less number of people." Da Shizi added. .

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"kill me?" .

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