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【how to get student loan people to leave alone 】 After Ye Ruoxi listened to Liu Dayong's words, she didn't believe it. As a result, Ye Ruoxi saw Ye Tianhe's urn just now, and under her questioning, Liu Dayong had no choice but to tell the truth. 。

In that case, Ouyang Yan Wang will be in trouble to some extent. In addition, if Chu Shaoyan used the power of the military to eradicate the Bamboo Association, the prestige of the Sanlian Association among other gangs on Baodao would not be as high as it is now; In addition to those troubles, in addition, in Chu Shaoyan's view, the current eradication of the Bamboo Association still needs to be done by the Sanlian Association itself. After all, the Dao Shang Association has its own rules!

"Yes, Mr. Chu!" Starscream replied respectfully, and then hung up the phone.

"Your Excellency General Cai Ba, in order to show respect for President Ye, your four subordinates are not allowed to enter the mourning hall." After seeing General Cai Ba put on the white flower, Chu Shaoyan said seriously.

Ye Qiu looked at Yan Mengjia who was huddled in his arms, gently carried her to the bedroom, and covered her with a quilt.

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Old Xu replied respectfully: "I was locked up by those people. As soon as Chen Yuzhen came out yesterday, those people went to Liu's house to make a fuss, and told Chen Yuzhen when to return the money to them, and when to release them."
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"President Ye, you are the most famous and prestigious club in our island, so I suggest that you be the last one to be honored, how about it?" Jiang Wanquan walked to Ye Tianhe's side and asked respectfully.
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Ye Qiu glanced at Yan Mengjia and said.
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Toyotomi Maaya, who has always been calm and calm for a moment, showed a panicked expression. Her heart was in her throat, and her body was terribly stiff. Nervous excitement and anticipation... Complicated emotions occupied Toyotomi Maaya's heart, Toyotomi Maaya was like a little sheep that fell into the arms of a wolf. She was about to say something, but she felt as if a stone was blocked in her throat and she couldn't squeeze out a word.
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80,000 to 90,000 yuan, she couldn't get so much after drinking in the bar for half a year.
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Seeing Xiao Shulan trying her best to show off her good figure all the way, Ye Qiu felt awe and respect in her heart, professional dedication! When she came to the office, Xiao Shulan picked up the tablet on her desk.
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Yan Mengjia nodded disappointedly: "I don't know how they are doing now." Before she finished speaking, her cell phone rang, and it was her parents.
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But at this moment, Ye Qiu didn't have the mood and time to appreciate it. He ran to the female nurse and said expectantly, "Hello, my mother is undergoing an operation and needs a blood transfusion. Please help me. When my mother recovers, I will give you a hand." Sure." "Okay, then let's hurry over now."
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