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【student loan address 】 "Master Guan Yue, the situation is now roughly clear. The mother Gu controlled a male body with a moon body, killed Master Lei Yue, and obtained the fourth-grade spirit Gu in the cave, but the identity of the woman who died on the surface is unknown." A fourth-rank Gu master with a pair of slender eyebrows said, this person is from the neighboring Beicang City, an elder of a clan. 。

It was originally a silent night, but on Haohan Mountain, it was brightly lit and extremely noisy.

In addition to those mentioned above, what other Gu worms are related to the brain?

"I really hope that after three seconds, you can still say such big words."

Su Ran walked to Qiao Feng's side, and saw that Qiao Feng was indeed dead. Su Ran touched fifteen seriously injured third-grade Gu worms on him.

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Su Ran also wanted to see how the energy in her body was.
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At the moment Jingxing was killed.
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After taking the blood, Su Ran casually threw the needle to Ni Yong.
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There are also Gu worms with bones, tendons, viscera and other organs.
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If he hadn't left Yuanzhai this morning, he might have been in trouble, or he might have walked through the gate of hell.
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The beautiful woman chuckled, and pointed at the opening of the bluestone slab: "Go."
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The Vipassana Sutra can observe the essence in the body, and this one effect is inconceivable.
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It's just that this Gu records one breath, and it takes a year to record a new breath. Ouyang's family will not use this Gu when it is not critical.
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