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【donald trump it wasnt easy for me my father gave me a small loan 】 "You want to go back to the era of the Three Emperors, do the people want it? Do you want to go back to the era when you don't have enough clothes, you don't have enough to eat, and you are always in danger of your life?" 。

This, Hong Chao's archery skills have reached this level? !

"And slander the Yellow Emperor...I heard from a friend of mine that those sages did good deeds in the name of the Yellow Emperor, and then the Jinyun family arrested seventeen or eight Yellow Emperors and went back?"

"Probably about a year, but if there are many people and the action is fast, it will not be used for half a year."

But it is rather mysterious to allow Qi refiners to communicate and give strength, but Yuzai doesn't want to think too much about this issue.

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"Because we live not only for the predecessors, but also for the future generations, and even for ourselves, so we feel very tired and bitter. If you put everything down and live in hiding, you can live a good life, so silently Come nameless, die silently and namelessly."
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This made the big sky chicken bewildered.
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She wailed in fear, not daring to look at the west, but her hatred for the sun was even stronger!
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Just as the South was actively preparing for war, there were also situations in other places.
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Ying Long arranged a lot of people, and then looked at Danzhu who had a strange expression, because Yijun and the others went to develop explosives before, but they didn't arrange Danzhu.
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That's logical, buddy.
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