small business loan for landscapers
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【small loan million 】 Chu Shaoyan smiled wryly and nodded: "You know the relationship between me and Shangguan Zetian, in fact, Zidie can be regarded as my younger sister. However, for a whole year, at least once every seven days, without interruption. Such a request is really... By the way, if there are experts in traditional Chinese medicine who can perform acupuncture, it may be more effective with half the effort." 。

After finishing the conversation with Song Yingjie, Chu Shaoyan suddenly received a call from Luo Yun. Luo Yun was crying on the phone. It turned out that her father was sniped at his home in the provincial capital 20 minutes ago, and the ten elite bodyguards of the Hero Club were also sniped one by one, and they didn't even have the strength to fight back!

Shu Lihong's face was slightly astringent when he heard the words, and he said with a wry smile: "Chu, what you said sounds like you are slapping me in the face! Ning Cheng is very dangerous, which means that we policemen are not good enough, very bad!"

For a while, Chu Shaoyan didn't expect that the other party had already pulled his head closer and even kissed him! At this moment of hallucinations, Bai Feiyan finally sprouted the deep affection in her heart, and burst out a spark of affection.

"Really!? Thank you, Master Chu!" Jin Shangbang, who was forced to the corner by Wu Tianhao, was overjoyed and almost jumped up.

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Chu Shaoyan said lightly: "There are still three children."
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"What Chu Shaoyan are you asking about?" Ye Jinlin's scalp exploded when she heard the name, and she asked in a low voice, "Little sister, why are you looking for him?"
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A thin young man came out from behind him and took out a notebook and a pen.
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Song Yingjie smiled and raised his thumb: "It's bad enough. In this way, it is inevitable that the provincial government will take over Ningcheng. If the enemy doesn't make a move, Mr. Guan will be rescued. If he makes a hasty move, he will face the police's blow." , They are in a dilemma!"
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Since meeting at a reception last year, Yi Haozhe, a fly, has been attracted by Liang Wanruo, a blooming lily. After inquiring about her situation, the fly started a protracted entanglement, threatening, luring, and even intending to rape her!
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Chu Shaoyan smiled slightly, reached out and stroked her head lightly: "Why, lonely?"
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When Su Yimei cried to this point in front of Shangguan Zetian, Bai Feiyan, and Guan Nuoxue, Chu Shaoyan suddenly came over from the side and asked, "Sister Su, you said that woman is called Zhao Yanni? Is she in her twenties, Guazi?" face, dyed wavy blonde hair, four pairs of earrings?"
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Zhao Zhaoping quickly agreed, and then made him a cup of tea, and then arranged for someone to go.
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