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Su Ran looked at Bei Gonghen again, with no anger on his face. ... how fast do online loan deposit in account

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"What is Yu Fei's cultivation?" Su Ran asked. .

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Going forward and flying for dozens of miles, Yuyi Wangcheng is close in front of you. ...

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At the same time, Bi Zhu Lei Gu has also transformed, August Bi Zhu Lei!

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Now it's no problem to deal with the third class.

Wind has no phase!

Su Ran was already prepared, and immediately bowed and said, "Su Ran, I have met His Royal Highness the Seventh Prince!"

You attacked the Qianshan leader because of your own self-interest, and you want to declare a war order. If you attack the Qianshan leader, when you want to attack other princes, will I also give you a declaration of war order?

There has never been anyone like the prince, it can be said that there is no one before, and no one to come after!

"My son, I can't leave the imperial city easily. Once I leave the city, those rebellious princes will panic and riot. You write a letter to Su Ran, and I will send another ancestor to worship and go to Yuyi King City." .”

What he saw surprised Su Ran, what he saw was none other than Bei Gonghan!


He blatantly told that I wanted to kill you, and also told the time to kill you, which brought tremendous mental pressure to King Yuyi.

Su Ran's eyes swept over everyone, his current state of mind was very calm. .

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"Okay," Su Ran nodded, and then said seriously: "Xiaoyang Nu obeys orders, you will be in charge of Yue Nuer from now on, and Yue Nuer will keep the human control Gu." .

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