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【pyrocynical small loan of 】 "Don't be so stingy." Jiang Li said. 。

The traffic police chased them halfway and disappeared without a trace within five minutes. Due to the collapse of the building, the nearby traffic was blocked, and many vehicles gathered around. At the same time, many people who like to watch the excitement gathered around a place more than 100 meters away from the building, discussing something while looking at the building in the distance.


Almost instantly, the girl turned around!

The woman was carrying that brat by her side, she smiled awkwardly when she saw Jiang Li, and said, "Little brother, I'm sorry just now. I didn't know you were saving our idiot... These are the bitter melon balls I just made today. You try it?"

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Although Chu Shaoyan was a little upset about this, he didn't say anything. After hastily explaining his intentions to Toyotomi Maaya, he drove to the municipal compound in Harbor City alone; it was already noon, and the streets were full of cars. A thirty-minute journey takes fifty minutes.
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Seeing this scene, the little boy's mother was so frightened that she dropped her phone and rushed up like crazy...
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As soon as he mentioned the crew, Jiang Li slapped his head, he actually forgot about his work!
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"Bastard!" Hearing Ye Jinlong's words suddenly, Mr. Xu looked a little annoyed. He patted the table angrily and said, "Ye Jinlong, how could you say such rebellious words? If it weren't for your father, you would have starved to death on the street long ago." I know that more than ten years ago, you were just a teenager on the streets! Think about it carefully, how cold the winter was that year! If President Ye hadn’t adopted you, would you have survived that winter? After the elder adopts you, not only can you eat and dress well, but also let you have everything that ordinary people can't have! You have money that can't be spent, and you have an identity that others look up to, and these are all given by President Ye. your!"
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Chu Shaoyan's smile was bright and his tone was very kind, but it made Gu Yue, the boss of Longteng Group, a little startled. Although Chu Shaoyan is only talking about understanding the business situation of the group now, he knows that this is a test for the new president to test him, the person in charge of Sanlian Baidao Industry! As for the reason, he himself didn't know, a voice in his heart told him that if he couldn't pass this test, he would pack up and get out of Longteng Group!
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Then Hei Lian poohed and said: "I'm so angry! Don't bother me!"
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Sanbo immediately said: "Hong, you are back. Your son is a bit too much. If we elders talk to him, it's fine if he likes to ignore him, and even my son has to reimburse the round trip... Although My son joined the Guardian Organization's new barracks and is a generous man, but we can't spoil him like this."
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The man touched his crotch, the crotch was open, the wind was blowing, the bird was a little cold...
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