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【aquaman end credit how many 】 Ye Ruoxi pretended to be deep at first, and then slowly said like an expert who can see through the world of mortals at a glance: "Didn't you, big Shelang, find out that Shanshan likes you?" 。

"Shen Yao." Guan Shu was very calm when he called his name for the first time, "Are you really heartless?"

Mike nodded and quickly conveyed Chu Shaoyan's order. Chu Shaoyan, on the other hand, quickly looked at the surrounding environment, which is also the basic criterion of an excellent bodyguard. Guan Erye's temple is in a large courtyard, covering an area about half the size of a football field.

"This year, the harvest of D products in the local area is not good, only 30% of previous years." The middle-aged man said lightly: "Our Sanlianhui is a big customer of Jinshanyu, and we eat 40% of the products of the Golden Triangle every year. The reason why Jin Shanyu has a good relationship. But if you think about it carefully, the harvest of D products this year is not good, and the price we offer is not higher than before. Cooperate with someone with a higher price, and then give up our Sanlian Association?"

The manor is completed, but Omega has not been found yet.

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"What?" Jiang Dahai asked subconsciously.
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As a strong woman, Liang Wanruo is usually busy with work and has no time to come to these places, so she also seems a little curious.
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Chu Shaoyan signaled Zhou Yunfei that you don't have to be polite, but went straight to Zhou Yunfei's side and cast his eyes on the screen. Just looking at it, Chu Shaoyan couldn't move his eyes anymore!
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Hearing Chu Shaoyan's words, Ah Bao looked very excited and his expression was very excited. When he gave up his status as the little boss of the local branch of the Sanlian Association in Dongying Ryukyu Prefecture, and came back to the harbor with Chu Shaoyan, he was waiting for this day. Fortunately, this day was not too far away.
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"Go and rest, let me do it!" Chu Shaoyan patted the guy on the shoulder and said.
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Chu Shaoyan was startled when he saw this, and rushed to Ye Ruoxi's side in a few steps, helped Ye Ruoxi and gently shook Ye Ruoxi's body, saying: "Ruoxi, wake up."
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As the underground overlord of Dongying in the Ryukyu Prefecture, the Sanlianhui maintains a cooperative relationship with the Toyotomi family, so some local government officials have a very good relationship with the Sanlianhui!
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After the maid left, the phone in his pocket vibrated again. Shen Yao turned off the phone all night, and when he turned on the phone, there was a row of missed calls.
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