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【student loan how soon apply for repaye 】 "In the past, only the disciples of the Iron Bone Gate could practice and use it, but now—as long as you pay for the spirit stone, ordinary people can also learn it." 。

Immortal Qin Northwest.

"That is to say, the cultivation bases of the younger brother and the younger brother are the sixth level of Qi training and the ninth level of Qi training."


"Senior brother can also bring his Taoist partner over here."

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In the basin formed by the lava, the space seems to be dislocated.
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"As long as the Four Great Sacred Lands do not fall for a day, it will be difficult for us to cross the sky. But this time, the Four Great Sacred Lands will surely fall, and it will become history from then on!"
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Why so weak?
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The Tushi Shenhuo, which even Nanming Immortal King No. 1 hadn't found, was triggered without warning at this moment.
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Indistinctly, Taoist Feiling seemed to have grasped something. With a wave of his sleeve, he turned into a sword light again and disappeared.
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"How many Taixuan sword sects are there in this world?"
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"So, I hope that you can participate in this joint competition. You don't need to win the final prize, but you have to prove yourself in this competition."
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Ye Yuan & Chu Buping: "..."
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