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long term small business loan services - contract for small personal loan template . "That's it..." Cheng Bozhao nodded: "No problem! I said Qianshan, you have to help brother, if this matter can be negotiated, brother will give you a red envelope at that time!" |.

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"Someone is coming!" The rock man was helpless, reminding her in a low voice.

"What do you think? Otherwise, you can chat first. If you don't reply to your message for a long time, or if there is no sentence, then it's basically useless, so don't bother. No matter how much you like it, it's useless. Lick the dog." Mostly lonely and desolate."

"Okay, then you can simply clean up first, I'd better call the moving company, they are also fast."

Silence, deathly silence. There were hardly any other customers in the cafe, and the waiters were knowingly far away.

"Huh?" Kong Dahu was puzzled. .

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Being beaten and making money are two elements. If one of them is missing, then Qian Shan will not continue to entangle too much in this profession, and will immediately consider the possibility of other professions. .

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